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What is an Onsite Water Treatment System?

An Onsite Wastewater Treatment System is a decentralized wastewater system. These are typically used in more rural areas, where access to centralized wastewater treatment systems is limited. An example of a centralized wastewater treatment system would be a public sewer, which we often see in cities, but not in suburban, or rural areas.

The primary function of these systems is to treat wastewater. This can include some that come from homes, as well as businesses. Once the water is treated, it is then returned to its receiving environment, which could be a drain field, or something similar.

Septic Systems

Septic systems are the most well know onsite wastewater treatment systems as they almost always contain a septic tank. These systems are typically used where there is the necessary amount of water supply, as well as where the groundwater and/or soil criterion are up to par. If these conditions are not accurate, there are a few other onsite wastewater management systems, but none is as popular as the septic systems, as it has been used for centuries.

Septic tanks themselves are typically made of concrete, PVC, plastic, or any other material which does not leak into the ground before it is properly taken care of.

This being said, here is a list of the different parts of a system such as this:

Wastewater Source:

This is the home or building that the wastewater is coming from.

Collection & Storage:

This is where the wastewater is collected and stored. Sometimes, during this aspect of the process, the wastewater is also separated out into solids and liquid before heading off into treatment.


This part of the process is made up of two different parts, advanced pretreatment and disinfection, where it undergoes the first part of the treatment processes.

Final Treatment:

The final treatment is exactly how it sounds, the final treatment before being sent off to dispersal.


This is where the treated waste is dispersed amongst the soil.

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