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NSMC is committed to the safest jobs-sites in the industry. We have a comprehensive corporate safety program—and each and every employee is required to participate in safety training. The result:

  • In 2020, NSMC was awarded a Gold STEP (safety, Training and Evaluation Program) award from the Associated Builders & Contractors of Massachusetts (ABC). NSMC has been awarded a STEP award for 18 consecutive years. The 2020 award marks our 10th Gold or Platinum level award.

  • Our EMR modification rating is typically well-below national averages for our industry.

  • Our field workers are among the safest plumbers and pipers anywhere. Equally important, on occupied sites, in operating facilities, our clients and their stakeholders—workers, students, patients—stay safer.


Our dedication to safety at all of our job sites is why so many of our clients trust us to design, install, repair, and maintain their plumbing systems. If you want your commercial or industrial plumbing system managed by a team that is known for working safely and effectively, give us a call.

Our Safety Program

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