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North Shore Mechanical Contractors works throughout northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, to provide plumbing services to our clients. We serve a variety of clients in different industries, and as a specialty commercial plumbing service, we often provide specific design and installation services based on the specific needs of our clients. Systems include; the installation of high-tech medical equipment, state-of-the-art athletic centers, piping systems, and components associated with medical device products ( i.e. Biomed artificial hearts).

Specialized Plumbing

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No plumbing system can go forever without needing routine maintenance. At NSMC, we work with a variety of clients, to provide timely, efficient, and affordable maintenance services. We provide maintenance to both plumbing systems that we design and build, as well as systems that are new to us. When it comes to maintenance, preventative maintenance is preferred over fixing an issue. The best way to protect your plumbing system is to have regular inspections and maintenance completed at your location. Otherwise, we recommend calling your commercial plumber when you start to notice the signs of plumbing issues. If all else fails, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing solutions.

As mentioned above, we recommend that commercial properties seek out regular inspections and maintenance. Over time this makes it much easier for our plumbers to keep a record of your system and ensure that issues that would cause your building to be shut down do not arise. Plumbing emergencies can be prevented by ensuring that your pipes are regularly looked at. Not only that, but a regular plumbing inspection can also protect your building from wasting water or a variety of other small plumbing issues. Whether you manage a college campus or a specialized life science building, small plumbing issues can cause a lot of issues and inconveniences for your workers and students.

Not all buildings utilize regular inspections and maintenance services. Instead, many property managers and business owners decide to utilize plumbing services when they notice an issue. Like maintaining a car, this requires your property managers to be constantly aware of small issues around your plumbing system. If you notice any of the following, feel free to give us a call:


  • Discolored Water: If water is tinted it could be a sign of corrosion. However, not all tinted water is cause for immediate concern. In some cases, the groundwater itself can be tinted do to ore deposits. A much clearer sign of an issue is if there are small flakes of metal in the water.

  • Gurgling Sounds: If your plumbing system is making gurgling sounds when not in use, that is a sign of backed up water or clogs in your pipes. this issue often also causes weakened water pressure.

  • Slow Drainage or Weak Pressure: When your plumbing system is slow to drain or the water pressure is not strong this can be a sign of a variety of issues. Generally speaking, if this is a consistent issue, you should have this checked out quickly before larger problems are created. Not only does weak water pressure annoy users, but it also can lower water efficiency and lead to damaged pipes.

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NSMC works with many different clients in the advanced technology and life science industries. As industrial contractors, we specialize in designing and installing complex plumbing systems. One aspect of our plumbing design and installation service is wastewater collection and neutralization. Different complex machinery is often required for scientific labs and industrial manufacturing companies. We work with an extensive list of clients throughout the northeast, so we can help your company get the right systems installed and our team can maintain them long term.

The category of wastewater collection and neutralization systems can be a bit broad. There are a variety of machines we install, including brands that we have worked with. For more information and some specifics on the equipment, we install please read the projects pages for life science and advanced technology. We install pH adjustment systems, heavy metal removal, fluoride removal, and pump lift stations. Each of these installations is designed for specific purposes in the industrial sector. A pH adjustment system is designed to shift the pH of wastewater within a neutral range. PH adjustment systems work for both acidic and basic wastewater. We also install a variety of chemical collection systems. NSMC installs both gas distribution and chemical dispensing systems as well as collection systems that are built to collect all waste from manufacturing in a single location.

NSMC is proud to partner with so many different businesses in different industries. We are happy to provide plumbing system design, installation, inspection, and maintenance services to our clients. Our team of plumbers and contractors is made up of experienced and licensed workers who can help your company make the right decision on adding new systems to your location, or who can properly troubleshoot any issues you are facing. If your specialized systems are not working correctly, our team would be happy to inspect, troubleshoot, and repair/replace them. We consider ourselves a business partner with each of our clients, and we are dedicated to creating a safe work environment for the good of your employees and our team.

If you have a plumbing project for an industrial or commercial location, our team of plumbers and contractors would be happy to provide a quote on it. Simply send us a message through our online contact form or give us a call, and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.

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