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Clients expect expedited construction in today’s market. That is exactly what we deliver with our integrated project approach using 3-D Modeling. Our BIM process is closely integrated and executed from  Trade Coordination, Pre-Fabrication to Field Installation. Using 3-D Modeling for over a decade has given us plenty of experience to lead the collaboration effort on projects of any size.
Our array of 3D software allows us the ability to accurately and clearly model plumbing and process pipe systems,  architectural features, and structural elements. Our team utilizes AutoCAD MEP, Navisworks & Revit to design, create, & modify 3D plumbing/process, piping models. Our in-house modeling experts can interpret any 2D design drawings and model them to scale including all specialty equipment. Along with the ability to run coordination meetings and view/interpret other MEP trade models and collaborate effectively during clash detection.

We are also a leader in identifying conflicts prior to field installation through advanced software. We maintain many 3D software systems that place us at the forefront of the industry for virtual mechanical construction.
Models have become an integral part of our overall project success. From setting sleeves using developed layout points, quickly making modifications to systems, tracking materials, utilizing point cloud information, or pre-fabricating quality pipe assemblies our modeling process is at the center of it all.

Design Build/Assist

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North Shore Mechanical Contractors works with companies and clients throughout the North Sore area to design and build their plumbing systems. There are two instances where we will often need to design new plumbing systems and install them for a client. The first is when an existing system is not up to the correct standards. It is very common for new businesses to move into a building and for the existing plumbing system to not meet their needs. In these cases, systems will either need to be improved with retrofitting solutions or replaced with a better system. In other cases, when a company is designing an all-new building, our team will design the plumbing system using. We utilize 3D BIM software to make plumbing systems that are designed to complement the building’s other systems.

NSMECH works with many different life science facilities on different projects. When working with life science clients we will work on laboratory waste distribution as well as emergency water distribution. We also handle equipment hook-ups for specialized machinery. Life science facilities each have unique needs based on the projects they will undertake. We handle everything from gray water systems to ph neutralization. Specialty gas distribution systems installation can also be provided. Whether we are converting an existing property’s system or designing from scratch we provide designs that prioritize efficiency.

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