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Understanding 3D BIM Software and its Advantages

In the last few decades, the rise of 3D Building Information Modeling software has completely changed how new buildings are designed. BIM software like AutoCAD MEP, Navisworks & Revit completely revolutionizes how complex intelligent piping is designed. Whether designing life science buildings, advanced technology facilities, schools, hospitals, or industrial and commercial buildings, using BIM software provides many benefits. The benefits are so impactful that many countries have instated laws requiring the use of BIM for certain new building projects.

Saving Money and Resources

Using computer software to design complex, smart plumbing systems is the best way to optimize resources. A current trend in building design is creating buildings that optimize their space. In order to limit needed resources for large buildings, many architectural designers limit the amount of space between ceilings and walls. Mechanical contractors have to design based on this limited space, and 3D BIM software creates efficient designs. A lot of BIM software comes with clash detection that allows mechanical contractors to see where their design might interfere with ventilation or electrical design, having this tool saves time and money down the line.

Environmentally Conscious LEED Designs

One of the major benefits of designing plumbing systems through 3D BIM Software is the ability to design eco-friendly. Regardless of industry, industrial buildings need to conserve water more and more. That is why the United States Green Building Counsel (USGBC) created Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to encourage environmentally optimized designs. Many BIM software systems can help designers identify different LEED credits they can gain. As an example, LEED gives points for reusing grey water onsite instead of having it sent to municipal waste treatment plants. A 3D BIM system allows designers to stay organized in their designs to optimize for this credit. Different water systems can be color-coded in the software to maximize water efficiency.

State-to-State Code Compliance

Many mechanical contractors do work in multiple states. Because different states have unique codes for building, 3D BIM can help prevent code violations. Contractors trained with 3D BIM software can add multiple parameters to their design to make sure their design is up to code. This can be very evident when editing a design. With traditional CAD drawings, it is possible that the blueprint for the design may be inaccurate due to multiple edits. BIM software automatically updates the design after each edit ensuring that items like “fixture unit counts” are accurate.

At North Shore Mechanical Contractors we utilize a group of 3D BIM software to make sure our designs are energy and resource efficient while meeting all state codes. Our BIM experts work with other MEP models to run clash detection and make sure our designs will work for your building. Whether you are looking to build a new plumbing system or update your current system, contact us for our over 30 years of design and installation expertise.


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