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The Difference Between Industrial and Residential Plumbing

When it comes to different types of plumbing, it may seem that it all falls under one big category. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a house or a hospital… A sink’s a sink, and a toilet’s a toilet, right? Wrong. There’s a substantial difference between residential and industrial plumbing systems. Figuring out what type of plumbing system you’re working with and who to call when something goes wrong is key. Here’s a few of the main differences:

Pipe Grades and Fixtures

In a commercial setting, it’s important to keep in mind that the daily usage of your plumbing system is overall going to be much higher. Your sinks and toilets are going to be used much more frequently than in a residential home. Whether it be in a hospital, school, or office building, these facilities have the potential to be used by several hundred people, multiple times a day. Since they are subject to such wear and tear, it is important that the grade of the pipes and fixtures are more heavy duty than you would put in a house. The higher grade and durability of the system will help to offset how quickly your system wears out.

The Intricate Design

Another factor to consider is how a plumbing system is laid out through the skeleton of the building. In a home with one or two toilets, a few sinks, etc., it is going to be fairly simple to map out. However, in a building with multiple floors, and many more facilities, it becomes a lot more involved. Industrial plumbers who typically specialize in this type of work will have much more experience dealing with this level of complexity, especially when issues arise.

Potential for Damages

With a higher volume of people using the systems and a more complicated layout, it is evident that the potential for damages greatly increases in a commercial plumbing system. Something like a burst pipe or sump pump failure that may be an inconvenience in your home, will likely wreak havoc in a 10+ story building. Having an Industrial Plumber on call that is skilled in this particular area is crucial.

Contact NSMC Today!

It is important to hire a plumber that will understand your specific needs. With over 30 years in the industry, NSMC is experienced in building and maintaining commercial systems. We understand that downtime can cost a company millions of dollars per day, so we offer preventative maintenance contracts to help your business run without interruption. However, if a system should fail, our 24-hour emergency service ensures rapid repair. If you’re looking for an Industrial Plumber, contact us today or feel free to call us directly at (978)-774-9800!


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