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Specialty Gas Distribution System Installation Services

When North Shore Mechanical Contractors works with Life Science and Advanced Technology companies we often have to design and install a variety of plumbing systems that are unique to the company. In the life science industry specifically, many of our projects have involved installing gas distribution systems. These projects have included installing specialty systems including Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, and Helium distribution. Each of these gases needs to be kept pure for use in the industrial setting. This level of purity goes down to parts per billion and even in some cases parts per trillion. That is why the proper installation and maintenance of distribution systems is vital to keeping pure gases pure.

What Are Specialty Gases?

Specialty gases are defined as single element gases like Nitrogen, Argon, and Helium or compounds like Carbon Dioxide that are kept as pure as possible for lab use. The purity of a specialty gas can be as pure as 99.99999% pure, so there isn’t really a margin for error. The high level of purity is designed so that scientists are secure that what they are using is objectively pure helium or another gas. This level of precision requires that every system from containment to distribution needs to be specially made so that the gases cannot be containment. To transport a specialty gas, they are packaged in specialized cylinders usually made with aluminum alloys, stainless steel, and high-grade brass. These pressurized container units are created for the sole purpose of keeping outside air from coming in contact with the gases.

What Are Specialty Gas Distribution Systems?

Once the gas is brought to the lab in a highly pressurized containment unit, it needs to be securely hooked up to a distribution system. Similar to the container, the distribution system can only utilize materials that reduce the risk of contamination and that will not degrade over time. Specialized hoses often made of flexible stainless steel are often utilized for distribution. These systems need to be carefully maintained, and gases need to be routinely tested to ensure that contamination is not happening. At North Shore Mechanical Contractors, we provide year-round maintenance for all of the facilities we work with to ensure that they can continually rely on their various systems.

Contact North Shore Mechanical Contractors

If you work in the Life Sciences industry throughout the North Shore area, give us a call to get a free quote on your plumbing job. We have worked with hundreds of clients on various projects that have including everything from new designs, replacements, emergency maintenance, new system hookups, and more.


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