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How Long Does It Take To Repipe A Business

As with any industry, as the plumbing industry has aged new materials, practices, and systems have been developed. Different plumbing materials have different advantages over the old systems we used to use. For instance, CPVC piping does not have a risk of rusting over time and decreases the energy needed to keep water cold or hot. Many businesses get their property repiped when they buy the property or after their current system becomes outdated. Whatever the reason, if you are interested in knowing how long a repiping job would take for your facility, or if you want to know if we would recommend repiping for your facility (vs. repairs/maintenance) please give us a call.

When Should I Repipe My Business?

There is a common question in the plumbing of whether it is better to repair your existing system or replace it. Many industries that provide repair/replacement services often provide value estimates and comparisons for their clients. The general core of these estimates is determining how long your existing system can survive with regular de . While repairs are quicker and cheaper they are also just prolonging the inevitable. It is sometimes more cost-effective to replace a system now instead of wasting money on short-term solutions. Here are a few indicators that you should consider repiping instead of basic repairs for your plumbing systems.

  • Rust In The Water: This is probably the largest reason you should consider repiping as opposed to repairs. If your metal pipes have begun to corrode and rust is entering the water repairs are just putting bandaids on the bigger problem. It is likely time to consider replacing all of the pipes with new material.

  • Water Pressure / Leaks: If your building experiences leaks consistently or there are constant issues with the water pressure, repairs may be able to help. You should call a commercial contractor to provide a full inspection. If a simple fix can solve the water pressure issue or leak problem, they will likely recommend that instead of repiping. However, if there is a frequency with these issues, it might be time to design and install an improved system.

  • Age: If your plumbing system is 30-50 years old it is likely made with older materials. You will likely start to notice issues with leaks, stains, and corrosion. Over time this can cause significant damage to your property. Consider hiring a contractor to perform an inspection and provide a professional recommendation on when to repipe.

How Long Does It Take to Repipe My Business?

This question has multiple answers depending on your business. Based on the size of your facility and by extension your plumbing system, this process can take few days or a few weeks. Small businesses might be able to get fully repiped in a week, but larger buildings with multiple floors and/or complex plumbing systems might take longer. The best way to get an accurate idea of how long repiping will take for your business is by hiring commercial contractors to do a quick inspection around your property.

Hire NSMC For Commercial Plumbing Inspection & Repiping

Our team understands that business owners want to limit how long they are closed. That is why we work to ensure that we are as efficient as possible. We serve the North Shore and the surrounding towns in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with plumbing inspections, maintenance, repairs, and repiping. If you are interested in getting a quote for any of our services, please call us today.


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