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Environmental Solutions For Your Commercial Plumbing System

NSMC serves industrial, commercial, and other large facilities throughout Greater Boston and the North Shore. Our team of plumbing contractors is often called on to provide design, installation, maintenance, and repairs for local plumbing systems. That being said, we do a lot more than fix plumbing systems. We can also help properties make their plumbing systems more environmentally friendly. There are many ways you can decrease water usage throughout your properties.

Start With Maintenance & Repairs

The largest mistake many individuals make when hoping to make things more environmentally friendly is upgrading to the new shiny gadget before handling the existing problems. Dual-paned windows are a great way to decrease HVAC inefficiency, but they are worthless if there is a hole in your siding next to the window. Comparatively, installing smarter fixtures or improving your plumbing system is a great way to help the environment, but only after you handle leaks, corroded pipes, etc. A simple inspection and some maintenance and repairs can go a long way in decrease your water usage.

Upgrading Plumbing Materials

Obviously, if you were to construct a new building today, you would design the plumbing system to be as efficient as possible with the current technology. The issue is, as time passes, what is revolutionary and considered efficient will become obsolete over time. That combined with general wear and tear, means that a plumbing system installed decades ago is likely not as efficient as something installed today. That being said, property managers have to weigh the pros and cons of whether or not it is valuable to replace or upgrade their existing system. Any change that improves efficiency is an investment. Figuring out how long it will take for the new system to pay off the upfront costs of installation is vital. Many new buildings use stainless steel and PEX pipes. PEX is sustainable, flexible, and cost-effective. PEX is considered to be more durable and more cost-effective than either CPVC or copper. However, repiping a facility is a large undertaking and can be quite expensive. It is vital to weigh the pros vs the cons. Sometimes the best solution is to repair what you have and make small upgrades, while other times large re-piping projects are best for the environment and the long-term costs of operating your facility.

Upgrading Plumbing Fixtures

Another option is to upgrade your plumbing fixtures. Updating bathrooms, kitchens, and other faucets can help decrease water loss. Every year there are new fixtures on the market that are designed to use less water and that are more efficient. From toilets to sinks and showers there are new inventions that can help decrease water waste for your property. By combining new fixture installation with repairs and maintenance you can greatly impact your water usages year over year without tackling large expensive repiping projects.

Get a Plumbing Inspection in the North Shore

The team at NSMC provides plumbing inspection services to properties throughout Greater Boston and the North Shore. If you are interested in learning how our team can help your facility save money and water, please contact us for an inspection. We can help make important recommendations that will help you become a greener property.


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