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A Guide To Advanced Technology Plumbing

North Shore Mechanical Contractors was one of the first contracting groups that became qualified to design and install the complex plumbing systems needed in the advanced technology sector. Unlike our work with commercial/industrial partners, advanced technology plants require very unique machinery including a variety of specialized and high-efficiency systems. North Shore Mechanical Contractors works throughout Massachusetts and the North Shore area to not only design new plumbing systems but help maintain our systems over the years of use.

Plumbing System Construction & Renovation

With a few of our clients, we have worked on construction and renovation projects. With each of these clients we have provided new systems while working with other contractors to ensure that new facilities and facility extensions meet the standards of the client. With one advanced technology client, we installed point-of-use systems for a variety of gases including hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, helium, and carbon dioxide. Advanced technology companies can require a variety of unique systems including compressed air, chilled water, and wastewater systems. North Shore Mechanical Contractors also handled equipment hookups for air compressors and sewage ejectors.

Plumbing System Upgrades & Repairs

As a company grows, technology advances, and project scope increases, it is often necessary to upgrade plumbing systems to account for the new needs. North Shore Mechanical Contractors works with clients to install new machines and plumbing systems as well as provide repiping design and installation. In some cases, we use 3D image modeling to design new intricate systems based on existing files we have on a building’s dimensions and size.

Emergency Commercial Plumbing Repair

With all of our clients, we offer building maintenance services including 24/7 emergency plumbing. Because of the intricacy of machines in the advanced technology sector, it is vital that when problems arise they are handled quickly and safely. North Shore Mechanical Contractors is known for our dedication to creating safe work environments and working around the clock to solve plumbing issues effectively. We can troubleshoot and fix a variety of problems including drainage and waste system failure and fine-tuning specialized fixtures.

Contact North Shore Mechanical Contractors

If you own an advanced technology location in Massachusetts and are looking for intelligent plumbing design, maintenance, and installation services, give a member of the North Shore Mechanical team a call at 978 774-9800 so that we can help improve your building’s plumbing systems.


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