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Jung/Brannen & Associates Inc.

New England Biolabs is a world leader in the production and supply of reagents for the life science industry. NEB offers the largest selection of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research and continues to expand its product offerings into areas related to proteomics and drug discovery. This 180,000 sf building serves as New England Biolabs’ research and production facility.


NSMC was responsible for the Plumbing/Process Piping scope of work, including:​​

  • RODI / Reject Water Skid and Piping System

  • Grey Water collection / storage system

  • Specialized Laboratory Waste and Vent equipment and piping system

  • Compressed Air (CA) and Vacuum (VAC) Equipment and piping systems

  • CO2 & N2 Manifolds & Piping Systems

  • Interior Domestic, Protected, and Tempered water piping

  • Winter Garden rain & mist distribution system

  • Commercial Kitchen

  • High Efficiency plumbing fixtures

New England Biolabs 

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