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NSMC (design build)



Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) is on track to bring clean fusion energy technology to the planet. CFS is collaborating with MIT to design and build fusion power systems that will provide the world with limitless, clean fusion energy to combat climate change. MIT spinoff Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) is building on a 47-acre research and manufacturing campus in Devens, Mass., with the goal of bringing fusion power to market.

The campus will house an experimental fusion device called SPARC, which company leaders say will demonstrate that nuclear fusion is a viable power source. The campus will also include the company’s corporate offices and an advanced manufacturing facility.


NSMC was responsible for the Plumbing/Process Piping scope of work, including:

  • Sanitary Waste & Vent piping system

  • Interior Domestic, Protected, and Tempered water piping

  • Interior Rain Leader / Storm Drain & Overflow systems

  • Natural Gas piping system for Emergency generator and HVAC equipment

  • Compressed Air (CA) equipment and piping systems

  • Process Gas Systems & Distribution Piping: Helium, LN2 Liquid Nitrogen & Argon

  • Commercial Kitchen

Commonwealth Fusion Systems

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