• Why Install Bottle Filling Stations & Fountains

    Posted on October 16, 2014 by North Shore Mechanical in News.

    Does your hospital, school, or facility have a lot of people who use bottled water? Installing a water filling station, or a water fountain is a great way to quickly quench thirst, encourage eco-friendly behavior by minimizing plastic bottle waste, and cut cost for people in your facility.

    They are ideal for businesses, universities, healthcare facilities, fitness clubs and hotels. Bottle fillers or water fountains provide convenient hydration with a rapid fill of filtered water. North Shore Mechanical Contractors install water coolers of the highest technology to ensure smooth operation and the best quality with the new Elkay EZH2O bottle filling stations.

    For more information on the quick, easy and clean bottle filling stations, call NSMC Service and Small Projects Division at 978-774-9800 X15

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