Mechanical Contracting Services in Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a city located in Rockingham County of New Hampshire. This city is directly on the water and known as a beautiful seaport city and a popular summer destination. As the heart of New Hampshire, Portsmouth actually provides a lot of unique opportunities, as not much of New Hampshire actually touches the water.

This area is a massive hub for the industry due to its location and provides an amazing quality of life since it is relatively small. Since it is almost directly in the middle of Portland and Boston (50 miles from each), Portsmouth is a middle ground that is hard to find elsewhere.

With its main industries being hospitals, insurance companies, and tech companies, this provides an amazing opportunity for us, as this is what we specialize in helping to build. We, over at North Shore Mechanical Contractors provide the best design and installation of specialized plumbing for these types of buildings. We also have experiences with high purity water, as well as process piping and wastewater treatment systems that can be utilized in any kind of building in any kind of industry, institution or business.

Our Services in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

In Portsmouth, there are plenty of businesses looking to expand, as well as lots of different businesses looking to move into the area, due to its amazing location. With our experience and quality craftsmanship, we have the ability to take any building and allow it to flourish greatly, and not have massive plumbing issues constantly.

We provide the following services to this area of Portsmouth, NH:

  • Plumbing Fixtures, Drains, and Shower Rooms
  • Complete 3D Coordinated integrated project delivery
  • Complete systems include Domestic Cold & Hot Water, Storm Water, Sanitary Waste and vent systems
  • New core toilet facilities and Large Shower areas
  • High Efficiency plumbing fixtures

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