• How to Maintain your Water Heater

    Posted on September 20, 2017 by North Shore Mechanical Contractors in Uncategorized.

    There are many different tips and tricks that you, as a homeowner, can utilize to bump up the efficiency as well as the longevity of your water heater. Reducing heat loss can easily be attained, as well as the reduction of costs from this heat loss. One affects the other. These tips and tricks can help you in the sense that they are inexpensive and not very time consuming. Making a water heater last as long as possible can really help your overall home costs go down, as well as decreasing the fixed costs of having to replace the heater more often than necessary. Here are some of the things you can do to maintain your water heater today.

    Test the Temperature and Pressure Valve

    This Valve is a type of safety valve that allows for the pressure to be controlled or limited. The reason why water heaters have this piece of equipment is so that pressure is not allowed to be built up. Built up pressure in this kind of unit could be disastrous for your water heater and your home. While it could cause the entire heater to malfunction and fail, it can also cause a house fire, so this is very important to test. By testing this piece, you will know if it needs to be replaced or not. Replacing this piece is much cheaper than replacing a whole water heater system, and comes in typically under $20 for the valve itself.

    Check Anode Rod

    An anode rod is a rod that is surrounded by three different metals, aluminum, magnesium and zinc, and has a steel core. What this rod does is prevents your water heater from rusting. To check this, remove the anode rod from the heater. If the rod is less than a ½ inch thick, or if it is covered in calcium, it needs to be replaced.

    Drain Tank and Remove Sediment

    While you should be draining the tank once a year, this is not always done. This will help to ensure the water stays clean and that the sediment does not cause the tank to go into failure.

    Adjusting and Insulating

    Adjusting the temperature of the water heater can really help cut costs. Lowering the temperature, even 10 degrees, can cause 5% in energy savings. Alongside this, you can turn off the water heater if you are going on vacation longer than 3 days, as this can save a lot of energy, as well as money. In terms of insulation, insulating the pipes and heater can helps in terms that heat loss and costs will be reduced.

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