• Cold Weather Ahead Mean Frozen Pipes

    Posted on December 1, 2014 by North Shore Mechanical in News.
    As a facility or building manager in MA or NH, you are the one that will get the call when the pipes freeze and burst due to the areas cold temperatures.  Now is the time to think about those pipes that need to be relocated out of that cold area or, at the very least, make sure they are well insulated. 
    Insulations for commercial and industrial systems are generally divided into three categories:
    • Thermal – suitable for temperatures from -100°F to 1200°F
    • Cryogenic – suitable for temperatures below -100°F
    • Refractory – suitable for temperatures above 1200°F


    Conserves Energy by Reducing Heat Loss or Gain

    Properly designed and installed fiber glassrock wool, and slag wool insulation systems immediately reduce the need for energy, a costly ingredient of every product made.

    Controls Surface Temperatures for Personnel Protection and Comfort

    Fiber glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulationsystems reduce the surface temperature of piping and equipment to a safer level, resulting in increased worker safety and the avoidance of worker downtime due to injury.

    Facilitates Process Temperature Control

    By reducing heat loss or gain, fiber glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation can help maintain the process temperature to a pre-determined value. Insulation thickness must be sufficient to limit the heat loss in a dynamic system or limit the temperature drop, with time, in a static system.

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