• Can A Mechanical Contractor Do Plumbing?

    Posted on January 25, 2018 by North Shore Mechanical Contractors in News, Uncategorized.

    Mechanical Contractors can do quite a bit, and in order to get a mechanical contracting license, it is necessary to have a distinct knowledge of multiple different trades in order to receive a license. Similarly, some states do not require you to get a licesnse, but the ones that do have very high standards and really ensure that the mechanical contractors in the state are the cream of the crop.

    So What Does A Mechanical Contractor Do?

    Ever wondered how plumbing works in commercial buildings? Ever wondered how large buildings in colleges incorporate water conservation systems? One of the things that mechanical contractors focus on is the systems that help the building work mechanically. These are things such as boiler systems and said water conservation systems. These are almost always incorporated into commercial buildings but can be scaled back to work for a more residential atmosphere.

    Mechanical contractors work with a lot of different projects, but what is it that they exactly work on? While they work on these mechanical systems, they are also masters of almost all trades. Some of the things that they work on are as follows:

    • Ductwork
    • Large Scale Plumbing
    • Heating and Air Conditioning
    • Electrical Work
    • HVAC
    • Gas work
    • Piping and Pipe Welding
    • Controls
    • Low Voltage Wiring, especially in commercial buildings
    • Programming Circuits

    So, Do Mechanical Contractors Do Plumbing?

    Yes, as a short answer, mechanical contractors can do a bit of plumbing, although not in the traditional sense. The way that mechanical contractors work with plumbing is typically more commercial and industrial. By working on the larger scale, we see that piping construction is a large part of a contractors job. This is not typically what we think of, as we usually imagine the residential plumber working on a clogged pipe, or looking at why a pipe burst.

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