• 7 Best Water Conservation Strategies

    Posted on February 21, 2018 by North Shore Mechanical Contractors in Commercial.

    Water conservation can be relatively easy now that there is so much technology to support it. This being said, many people still do not take measures to try and conserve water. If you conserve water, you will actually also be conserving energy as well, as it takes a lot of energy to heat all of that water. This means that if you follow even one or two of the following strategies, you could be on your way to saving monthly and lowering your bills.

    1. Showers: Taking shorter showers is one of the easiest ways to save water. By limiting shower time to 10 minutes or so, you can save tens of gallons of water a week. You can also utilize water conserving showerheads, or timed showerheads so that you really stick to your goal.
    2. Leaks: Faucets and pipes that leak even a tiny bit can have a huge impact on overall water savings. These drips can equal up to 15-20 gallons a DAY. Making sure you get these fixed very quickly will help to decrease the amount of water that is wasted.
    3. Faucets: Installing a low flow faucet aerator can be helpful in that it injects air into the water so that it uses less water.
    4. Brushing Teeth: Don’t continue to run the water when brushing your teeth, because this can add up over the 14 times a week you are most likely brushing your teeth.
    5. Washing Food: When washing food, try brushing the vegetables with a wet brush, as opposed to running them under the water.
    6. Laundry & Dishes: Make sure that your laundry loads and dishwasher loads are completely full, as each time you run it could be about 30 gallons of water used.
    7. Cleaning Outside: When cleaning outside, clean with a broom, and this could save you 150 gallons of water that using a hose or power washer would use.

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